Portugal Golf Courses

Golf courses in Portugal

Deciding which courses to play while you’re here is most difficult task about playing golf on the Emerald Coast. The Destin area is home to some of the finest YEAR ROUND golf courses on this planet. They offer degrees of challenge well-suited for players of every level of ability and talent, and every course in the area boasts breathtaking scenery and outstanding facilities.

And further, when you have decided, you’ll be as busy as a rat in a biscuit tin trying to get round all the courses you “simply must play”. That’s where we come in, with a nationwide car rental system that can put you in the wheels that will get you round every course you want to play. For details check our Car Hire Locations page. And once you’ve decided which area you want to golf, you’ll know where to pick up your car.

The courses you can play, and places to rent a car.

We have tried to give a fairly complete guide to the major golf courses in Portugal. And we’ve tried to include information to help you get a car and get around to these courses. It’s a thankless task, for nowhere in the world are there more golf courses than Portugal.

Cities and Towns covered in Portugal

We have extensive car hire coverage throughout Portugal ranging from major cities in the north such as Lisbon and Porto to Faro and Barga in the central regions to Coimbra and Evora in the southern parts of Portugal.

These locations are close by most famous courses. If you go through these golf course pages you will find a link to the appropriate car hire locations under the course name. After all, if you are going to play 500 golf courses in a fortnight, you’ll absolutely need a Porsche 911, to make it around them all.