Portugal Driving Regulations


Portugal uses international traffic regulations and road signs. Driving is on the right-hand side. Traffic should therefore keep to the right, whilst overtaking is done on the left-hand side. The left-hand side of the vehicle lane is used when making a left-hand turn. 

Speed limits
60 km in built-up areas
90 km outside built-up areas
120 km on highways

Give way to trams overtaking you or approaching from the right. Do not pass stationary trams at a tram stop until you are certain that all passengers have finished entering or leaving the tram.
Do not park within 8 meters of a road junction, 5 meters of a bus stop or within 3 meters of a tram or bus stop. You must park your car facing the direction of the traffic moving on your side of the road. In Lisbon, it is useful to have a Blue Zone Parking Disc, available free from local police.
In Portugal seatbelts are compulsory front and rear. Children under twelve years of age must travel in the rear.
It is advisable to carry your driving license, insurance certificate and vehicle registration, along with your passport.
The minimum driving age in Portugal is 7
A driver’s blood alcohol level is not allowed to exceed 0.05 percent and the penalties are extremely stiff and high amounts may include time in prison.
Headlight Beam Deflectors: With a UK based car the headlights dip towards the kerb, as you will be traveling on the right hand side of the road the lights would dip towards on-coming traffic. For this reason you must either block the part of the beam that dips or fit small lenses that actually deflect it towards the right hand kerb.
Emergency Triangle Necessary if your car breaks down and should be placed according to the instructions on the box. Also consider the Elite 2000 in addition to the BS AU47 Triangle.
Fire Extinguisher An obvious precaution whichever country you are in. Again read the instructions and do it now, you don’t have much time after the first smell of smoke.